This website is put up in the interest of public education in health and well-being. We hope to bring you well-researched articles on integral health. Topics include physical, emotional and spiritual health--in short, everything that we can find useful for us to attain good health and a deep sense of fulfilment and well-being in our lives. From time to time we may announce free public talks and seminars of interest.

The Path

At GracefulHealing.org, the path to recovery of good health is based on an unconditional surrender of our scientific ... Find out more ››

The Concept

In this day and age, with the state of our scientific knowledge in medical science at its all-time peak, it seems impossible to meet ... Find out more ››


La herencia espiritual de la India

Conferencia gratuita, el 12 de julio en Madrid. La herencia espiritual de la India, expuesto por Dr. Ram Aditya, en castellano. Ver más detalles ››

Diet and Emotion–Free Public Seminar

At The Green Path Organic State, Bangalore, India, Dec. 19, 2015. Free seminar by Dr. Ram Aditya. Discover the profundity of the body-mind connection...Find out more ››

Patient Heal Thyself–Free talk in Chennai, India

Learn the little known facts about health care and how to become free of disease and recapture your life... Find out more ››

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