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The Spiritual Road to Emotional Health

       When I first began the practice of natural health for myself, it was all about physical health—I was not consciously experiencing any emotional issues that detracted from living my life well, just a host of physical problems

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Tai Chi Integral

Tai Chi Integral Presentación      Nuestros cuerpos humanos son adornos transitorios del Ser intransigente que nos vamos a quitar al salir del mundo. Sin embargo, como descubrió el Buda y enseño a sus discípulos, es necesario mantener el cuerpo

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Our Community Education Programs

This page is currently under construction and will carry details of community education programs that will be conducted from time to time as and when community groups are able to organise a health education program according to our specifications. Such programs, conducted by Dr. Ram Aditya will be offered to the public free of charge as an ongoing community service. Keep yourself updated on announcements of such programs by subscribing to our newsletter on the home page. Blessings to all! /*