The Concept of Graceful Healing

The Concept of Graceful Healing

In this day and age, with the state of our scientific knowledge in medical science at its all-time peak, it seems impossible to meet a person who does not have a health problem. How strange! We are repeatedly told that disease is the default state of human beings. When we look around at the world of humans around us, it seems indeed to be true.

It seems incredible, therefore, that not only is this not true, but that the rules of good health are actually so simple that a vibrantly healthy life is within the reach of all, rich or poor. The way we struggle to overcome our ailments with painful treatments and horrendous medications is not only far from graceless, but not needed in the least For our own benefit, perhaps, the time is coming soon when such suffering in the name of healing would be beyond the financial means of the average middle-class taxpayer.

It is time to think carefully–now–about where to invest one's hard-earned money: in health or in disease? After all, the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry don't make a living out of a healthy society; it is disease that keeps them alive–and what a lucrative one that has become! Our technologies and economic advancements have brought about a world so unreal that even our value systems have changed, down to the very meaning of words. I don't find it surprising, therefore, when people ask me in all seriousness about what I really mean by "graceful" healing. So many times have I been asked this question that I decided to have my response recorded in a short video for everyone's benefit:

Concept of Graceful Healing Explained

 This website has been set up in the interest of public education and service to the community in graceful healing–a process that is at once enjoyable, affordable, and in tune with the Divine Grace of our Creator; a process in which the mind, body and spirit are realigned in the way we were created to be.

The guiding principles are simple, and humans once followed them by native instinct, just as all other animals in the wild even today continue to do. Our downfall started when we as a species, in our profound ignorance, decided to strike out on our own. Most of the world's population seems not to realize how far it has strayed.

The good news, however, is that the dawn of realization has already set in. People are turning to the task of graceful healing by the thousands every day. The rules are simple. It is following them that has become so difficult for most. Where does one begin? Why is it so difficult to follow the easy steps to good health that we seem to know already, deep down in our being? How do we get on the road? If these and other questions are on your mind, you've come to the right place.

This site brings educational resources and facilitating services to your doorstep, if you are ready to heal gracefully. All you need is the motivation to get started. So get ready to heal gracefully, and experience the "Ocean of Life"– a deeper issue that will become clear gradually over time !

Our Community Education Programs

This page is currently under construction and will carry details of community education programs that will be conducted from time to time as and when community groups are able to organise a health education program according to our specifications. Such programs, conducted by Dr. Ram Aditya will be offered to the public free of charge as an ongoing community service. Keep yourself updated on announcements of such programs by subscribing to our newsletter on the home page. Blessings to all! /*