The Path of Graceful Healing


  At, the path to recovery of good health is based on an unconditional surrender of our scientific knowledge to the native intelligence and wisdom of our bodies. This, of course, is easier said than done! We are so entrenched in our belief that science offers us the way out of all our problems that we miss two important facts.

   First, science is an ongoing process of discovery. The most eminent scientists know and acknowledge that the "facts" uncovered by science are of this moment, and transient. What is more, even these so-called "facts" are based on theory, the intellectual basis of scientific inquiry. Our scientific "findings" are constantly being replaced by new empirical and theoretical research. While the intellectual challenge of the game of science is thoroughly enjoyable, we should shudder at the thought of betting our lives on the findings of the medical and health sciences.

   The second fact that we overlook when we turn to medical science is that it encourages us to retain our bad habits that caused our disease in the first place. The medical model (which, incidentally, is also the basis of other "treatment" based "alternative" healing modalities) not only ignores the importance of diet and spiritual cleansing in the healing process, but by definition presupposes a state of knowledge about the way our bodies work that simply does not exist at this time. The result is that we "battle" disease with our scientific weapons. While we may have the illusion of winning at times, not only do we pay a heavy price, we often lose in the end. Even more importantly, we sacrifice much of our lives to an ungainly battle with our Creator, mutilating our bodies with damaging radiations from diagnostic procedures, toxic drugs and the surgeon's knife, scarcely recognizing our bodies for what they really are — nothing less than sacred temples of our Souls.

   The third fact, one that needs some careful reflection, is that the medical system is not here for our health. Every industry needs its market for its survival. And what is the market for the medical industry? If all people were to be perfectly healthy, can does this industry have a role to play? What would happen to the medical profession, the diagnostic equipments industry, the medical supplies industry, the hospitals and clinics, the surgical instruments industry, the hundreds of thousands of research centers for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and hundreds of other diseases, the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry, the medical programs, the insurance industry, and all those whose livelihood depends on these industries? Can all this ever allowed to perish? The answer is no; moreover, their survival depends on sickness and sick people.

   To be fair, the people working in these professions and industries are not evil–it is just that they are unaware of the industry they are feeding. Many doctors train with the most noble intentions, and many do a wonderful job in the profession in which they are trained. However, the bottom line is that their daily bread depends on our sickness. And their market will never die, because most people are not willing or confident enough to take charge of their own health.

   In the program adopted at, we take a deeply spiritual approach that recognizes the superior intelligence of our bodies as divine temples. We learn to honor our bodies. We achieve this by first unlearning some habits of thinking and acting that are fostered in us by modern society. We are so used to telling our bodies what to do that we are barely conscious that we are doing so. We transition from such a way of life to one in which we let our bodies tell us what to do. And we learn to listen to our bodies so that we may know what we should do.

   In our program there is emphasis on being gentle with our bodies, and achieving good heatlh with love and understanding rather than the negative emotions brought on by a battling strategy. It is the way to heal gracefully.

   To be sure, we are in a situation where we have altered so much of our natural environment that we are trapped in our science. While science can provide us with some useful information, we use the findings of science with great discretion, being careful to take only what we can reasonably rely on. This is easily the most unique and significant contribution of our program of healing, for you will find that we reject much of so-called scientific research that is widely accepted by the medical and healing professions as well as the general public.

   It is important to recognize that this path, of graceful healing, is based on a different paradigm altogether from the traditional models of medicine and healthcare that we are so familiar with. This is so important as the foundation for success or failure in the path, that I've explained it at length in a short video for the benefit of all: Video image-explaining models of healthcare

The Three Models of Healthcare

   Our path, in summary, begins with an affirmative answer on your part to a fundamental question; your recognition of a basic principle; and finally, your subscription to a guiding belief. 


Are you ready to take charge of your health?


(Caveat: All Life is work-in-progress, so don't expect to reverse a history of bad habits in a day!)



By using the information on this educational site, and taking some simple steps, you can make incredible changes to your quality of life. Reversing our habits is key to reversing our diseases.


Our Community Education Programs

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