Vegan Recipes

Vegan Plate collage

Important note: the following recipes are different from most other raw food recipes available from other sources in that our recipes have been created with both the digestive system and the taste buds in mind, unlike most other recipes that focus primarily or exclusively on taste. However, it should always be kept in mind that individuals differ in their digestive abilities and proclivities.

Spanish names of vegetables/fruits 

(Nombres de algunos alimentos en español)






bean–judia/soja verde





greens–ojas (verdes como ojas de remolacha, espinaca, lechuga, ojas de apio, ojas de zanahoria, acelga)





yam/ sweet potato — boniato, batata



nuts–frutos secos






Cream of vegetable soup 

5 medium carrots, chopped

1 medium potato, chopped

1 zucchini squash medium, chopped

1/4 medium onion, chopped

4 white mushrooms, washed and sliced

1/4 cup tender green peas

1-2 cloves garlic, minced

1 tsp minced ginger

1 tsp coriander powder

1/4 tsp cayena

1-1/2 tsp sea salt

2-3 Tbs flaxmeal

Cook the vegetables in 1 cup water, adding more water later if necessary, and adding the spices toward the end. Blend well.

(For fast oxidizer recipe, reduce potato and substitute cauliflower; reduce onion and add more green peas; or add spinach).


Peanut Squash soup (calabaza cacahuate)

1 spaghetti (peanut) squash

1 cup shallots, chopped (green onion with stems)

cumin powder

nutmeg powder

1-2 garlic cloves (optional)


crushed black pepper

sea salt

1/2 – 3/4 cup oat milk

Cut squash into two halves and place them cut side down on a baking plate, in an oven at 350 degrees until skin has softened. carve out the flesh minus the seeds; in a pan lightly sautee chopped shallots in . tsp oil or better still, water; add the squash, mash roughly leaving little chunks in, adding the oat milk and water to achieve desired viscosity. Add salt and spices to taste, stir well for a couple of minutes, and serve with toast & vegan spread or avocado.

Serves two.


Squash eggplant soup

1 eggplant, peeled, cubed and cooked

All other ingredients as for Peanut squash soup (see previous recipe).

(Follow recipe for peanut squash soup above, with the addition of 1 eggplant, peeled, cubed and cooked, added to the squash and blending/mashing to chunky texture. )


Cream of Broccoli soup

head of broccoli


Soy yogurt or 1 handful of cashews




Lightly cook the broccoli florets and chopped onion/shallots in water with salt added; Then blend with yogurt, a pinch of cumin powder and a pinch of cayenne powder.


Winter soup

Serves 2:

2 lg tomatoes

half lf red onion

greens: cabbage/ kale/ collard/ broc greens etc

Green pepper

4 pods garlic

1 cup peas

Optional; olive oil.

Seasonings: curry powder, creole seasoning, lite salt, ginger powder, hot sauce

Chop vegs fine, cook with a little water, adding vegs in above order for optimum cooking. After cooking, add 1 tsp olive oil if desired. Use sauce if falling short on tomatoes.

Can add cooked quinoa/brown rice (salted) for more filling soup

Serve with sprouted grain bread, lite toasted,


Lentil/ green split pea soup

1 cup Lentils/green split peas

1 lg Gr pepper

1 lg Red pepper

1 m Red onion

4-5 pods Garlic

2 cups Chopped greens

Seasoning: curry powder, spike/creole, ginger powder, lite salt, hot sauce

Optional: 1 tsp olive oil if desired.

Serves 2-4.

Cook lentils/split peas over high/medium heat, add vegs, seasoning. Serve w. lightly toasted sprouted grain bread, w. EB spread or olive oil, with herbs


Entrées / Snacks 

Mashed potato curry

For 1 bowl:

2 m potatoes

1 small head broccoli

1/3 cup frozen peas

Wash and slice potatoes into wedges, boil in 1 cup water in covered skillet; half way in boiling, add broccoli (in small florets), sea salt, and cover again. When potatoes are fully done, mash them in skillet with wooden ladle, then add peas, curry powder, Louisiana hot sauce to taste (best mild). Eat. Yumm!

Can add 1 tbs of EB spread after cooking, while still warm. Or have the curry with a slice of SPROUTED GRAIN bread slightly toasted, w. EB spread. [Can also use olive oil instead of vegetable spread].


Chrysanthamum greens sandwich


Sprouted grain bread, 2 slices, w. vegetable spread

Tomato, sliced

Red onion, thinly sliced

Crysanth leaves

Nutr. Yst

Hot sauce, s&p, creole,

1 Morningstar veggie burger (optional)


Garlic yam

Sw potato (yam)

Garlic chives


Creole, sea salt

Sauté sliced sw potato, chopped garlic chives and celery in water, w a dash of sea salt and creole (just enough to lend spicing while retaining the flavor of the vegs).

Optional: can add chopped/sliced onions as well.


Zucchini sandwich

2 slices Sprouted grain sesame bread


Flaxseed meal (linaza en polvo)

Creole (spicy)

Spinach pesto*

Cut zucchini squash into super thin slices. Lightly toast the bread slices, apply pesto liberally on both slices. Layer zucchini on one, lightly sprinkle creole, layer again, then apply more pesto, creole, and 1 tsp flaxseed meal; repeat zucchini layers twice as before, with light creole on each. Top with the other slice of bread. You’ve never tasted a yummier double-whopper!

* Spinach pesto recipe available under Raw Vegan Recipes.


Eggplant-sweet potato wrap

Fat Flush Sprouted Grain tortillas

1 medium sweet potato

1 large eggplant

1 medium onion

1” piece fresh ginger

2-3 fat pods garlic


sea salt

Nutritional yeast

Flax meal

Cut eggplant into strips 3 inches long, onion into long (half length) strips; sauté/cook in water w. sea salt and finely chopped ginger and garlic, adding the garlic toward the end, in a closed saucepan, until tender.

Cut sweet potato into bite sized slices, and sauté in water with sea salt, in another closed saucepan until just firm.

Wrap a mix of eggplant and sweet potato in tortilla w. nutritional yeast and flaxseed meal, and creole seasoning.


Aloo matar

4 Medium White potatoes

1 to 1.5 cups Petite peas (frozen, or fresh if available)

. large Onion or . medium onion

. green bell pepper

1 green or red chilli pepper (optional)

1/3 bunch cilantro for garnishing if desired.

lg pc Ginger

2 lg cloves Garlic

Sea salt


Trader Joe’s Curry Simmer Sauce (or make own with tomato puree, tomatoes, onions, canola oil, ginger, garlic, sea salt, coriander, cumin, turmeric, paprika, lemon juice concentrate, red chilli pepper, cinnamon, cloves)

Cut up potatoes into . inch cubes, slice up onions, chop bell pepper into small bits, finely chop up ginger, cut garlic cloves into crosswise slices (small bits).

Place potatoes in . cup water and 2-3 tablespoons of curry sauce, . tsp sea salt, and cook in covered saucepan until just tender; add onions, bell pepper, sliced chilli pepper (if desired), ginger and peas along with 1 cup curry sauce and . tsp sea salt. Cook until done, then mix the garlic bits in and cover the saucepan, switch off stove after 10 seconds, leaving garlic to cook in the heat of the dish. Garnish with cilantro if desired and serve hot, with whole wheat pita bread or sprouted grain bread, or brown rice.


Steamed veggie combinations

Cut veggies into chunks, and cook in water until just tender. Add salt if desired, but many of these taste rich without salt once your taste buds get used to the taste of the vegetable. Cooking with a little water ensures absorption and mixing of the flavores of different vegetables—in this respect, it is preferable to steaming.


Red Sea Rocking

White sweet potato, beets, onion


Artic peas

Green cabbage, onion, sweet peas


Sweet potato

Yam/sweet potato, onion, garlic (can add Cajun/creole seasoning to get a spicy flavor or

just plain salt if desired)


Green earth

Broccoli, carrots, potatoes


Cabbage crème

White sweet potato, green cabbage, onion, sweet peas


Dotted Cabbage

Green cabbage and sweet peas – that’s it!



Cauliflower, cabbage


Mexican traditional

Pumpkin or squash, tomato, onion and salt (It’s tastier to simply start with enough chopped tomatoes so that no water is needed—the squash and onions simply cook in the tomato juice created by the heat. )


Root medley

Sweet potato, beetroot (with greens if available), red radish with greens, onion, sea salt if desired.


Radish feast

Daikon radish (2-3 cups cubed), 2 medium potatos, 1 large carrot, 1 large stem of broccoli head sliced into . cm thick slices, 2 cups spinach, . medium onion, . – . tsp sea salt, and 1.5 cups water. Warming winter soup!


Sweet potato curry

1/2 large sweet potato, julienned into french fries size

1 medium eggplant, julienned similarly

1 Italian pepper, cut into 4 centimeter long 5 mm wide strips

1 small onion, diced

2 teaspoons olive oil

1-2 garlic cloves (optional)

cayenne pepper

curry powder

cumin powder

Sea salt

Cook sweet potato and eggplants separately in water with salt added until just firm, then place together in saucepan. Sautée onions and pepper in the olive oil and add to the saucepan along with spices to taste.


Beet sweet medley

Sweet potato,

beetroot (with greens if available)

Broccoli florets (can use stem also, peeled of outer layer of tough fiber).


garlic (optional)

sea salt if desired

Cook in water with salt added if desired. Delicious served with slices of whole wheat squash bread spread with avocado.



Carrot halwa (Without sugar or fats added)

Grated carrot pulp from carrot juicer

Sweet potato (boiled/baked), mashed

Plantain (ripe, baked in skin, peeled, and mashed)


Pulverized walnuts/brazil nuts/soaked & blanched almonds

Almond milk (vanilla or original)

Add just enough almond milk to grated carrot pulp to separate fibers easily, then mix in with sw potato, plantain, raisins, and nuts until good consistency (not too liquid)

Experiment with adding other flavorings such as : ginger powder, cinnamon, elaichi (cardamom powder), nutmeg.

Good to eat as is, or bake at 350 degrees for about an hour.

May also try cooking the carrots in water+almond milk, then mixing in the other ingredients to serve or bake further.


Pineapple crème walnut cake (semi-raw)


Walnuts (halves and grated)

Cashew (butter and grated)



dried apricots

agave nectr (for optional layer)

lemon (for optional layer)

Silken tofu (lite)


Shredded coconut


Vanilla extract





Mango (optional)

Base/crust—1.5 cups dates, raisins, and dr. apricots and 1 cup walnuts, passed through Samson juicer/food processor. Mix well with 1 tsp vanilla extract, and 1/2 cup grated walnuts (adjust qty to texture and firmness of crust); set aside.

Topping—3/4 cup fresh pineapple (and some frozen mango to add flavor—optional), 1/4 florida avocado, 1.5 pkg Mori Nu silken tofu lite or equivalent, 1/4 to 1/2 banana as needed, for texture; pinch of salt, 1 tsp vanilla extract; –blend well, adding ingredients in this order. Then add freshly made cashew butter as needed for adjusting firmness and creaminess of the blend.

In flat 2” high baking bowl, sprinkle shredded coconut to prevent sticking. Fold in the topping, set in freezer for 1-2 hours; then on a sheet of plastic wrap laid flat on table, spread out the crust to match the size of the bowl rim; Quickly invert the base onto the bowl, smoothen out the plastic wrap over the sides of the bowl, put a flat tray on top of the bowl for weight, and set again in freezer for a couple of hours (depending on how firm the topping is)

15 minutes before serving, take bowl out of freezer, sprinkle more shredded coconut on top and sides too if possible, and grated cashew on top; decorate with fruits (eg., strawberries, raspberries, pineapple pieces on top, and apple/peach slices around the sides, on base crust.

Optional middle layer—Walnut crème—blend 1 cup walnuts, juice of 3/4 lemon, 2-3 T agave nectar, until creamed. Add tsps of water if needed to get blend well.

Serves 10-12


Sweet cabbage


Green cabbage

White sweet potato

Cut cabbage into large chunks, white sweet potato into lg bite size pieces, toss into saucepan with water and a pinch of sea salt. Cook until just tender, not mushy.



UnKaffe latte (coffee flavor without the caffeine)

1 oz Vitasoy silken tofu

1/2 cup Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1 cup Silk Omega Plus soy milk

1-2 Tbs agave nectar

1 Tbs roasted carob powder

1/2 med frozen banana

Blend well and serve!

Makes 16 fl oz.



Raw Vegan cheese (for pizza)

From Varsha/(Suzanne’s? Dom’s?)

2 cups almonds, soaked overnight, & blanched

Olive oil

Garlic (3-4 cloves)


Lemon Juice


Place almonds in blender, pour olive oil to 3/4 level of almonds. Place garlic, salt, lemon juice, and blend, adding water until creamy consistency is achieved. Pour on to pizza crust.


Mexican fare

Posol de cacahuete


Posol mix

ground peanuts


mix and blend just a bit, leaving the corn chunky


Poblano delight

3 dark green poblano peppers

3-4 small-medium tomatoes

1 small onion

chop up tomatoes and layer them in saucepan, and sprinkle salt and chili seasoning to taste; over them place curved strips of poblano (from slicing thin across after halving lengthwise, removing seeds etc); over these place the onions.

Can also add a fistful of soy TVP (small chunks) and/or preboiled instant rice (1-2 tablespoons)

Place saucepan on stove and let the tomatoes cook down to liquid; the poblano and onions now cook in the tomato juice. Stir a little and cook until everything is done.

Serve with warm tortillas and a little guacamole salad. Serves two or one hungry person.


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